Excell create a screenshot when a cell is copied

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I have an issue with Excell. It often happens that if I want to copy the content of a particular cell to another cell, the past options are gone and excell pasts a screenshot (like a printscreen) for the moment I copied the content to the clipboard.

This happens mostly with larger files (> 2000 lines) and copying a cell from one of the first lines to the bottom.
Does anybody recognise this behaviour or know why this happens?

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With your permission, if I can recommend. It can help us all if you upload an Excel file (without sensitive data), no picture. Even if it is said that a picture can say a thousand words, it is certainly not in the case of Excel, on the contrary in some cases. You could get a precise solution much faster with a file (w/out sensitive data). This would also be a blessing for all of us, as we can understand the problem much better, a win-win situation for everyone.


Thank you for your understanding and patience




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