[Excel2019-WIN11] Jump to/From list options/Input daily data

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-I want to insert a Tally in Daily Input, which will be the cell from Revenue and Month.

The Month list is from template (FYMonthStart). When month selected, it auto jumps to column with the proper month and cycles the months to the end (image).

Im trying to mimic this with the 'Revenue' list and rows.

When the month and revenue have been selected, and the proper row and column displayed, I'd like for the data entered to tally into the cell corresponding with the month and revenue.
Currently the Revenue list is grouped and adding new items to list updates automatically.
reference number  : 1037645570 (if needed by techs) 


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The subject of your question suggests that you use Excel 2019 on Windows 11, but you tagged almost all other possible options (Web, Mac, Mobile and O365). So, which one is it?


I assume you are referring to this template:


From the looks of it, this is a simple P&L template and, thus, perhaps not suited for tracking investments (which is what you seem to be doing). All the month selector does is create the column headers, in a rather clumsy way, and without any other intelligence, what so ever. And you seem to have added and removed bits and pieces yourself already.


Templates like these are often difficult to amend to ones own particular needs. I would not be surprised that whatever you have in mind is not possible without breaking the template in other areas.

Perhaps wiser to create something of your own.

Win 11
This version of Excel is used across all. But specifically titled Win11.
Thats ok. . .I may have found a solution; continuing in the template, without the worry of breaking it.