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I’m looking for quite a lot of help in creating an excel spreadsheet for work. 
In a nutshell I want it to do the following

•the user to enter details on a pre designed sheet (I’m thinking with VBA so the information is entered consistently)

•the sheets to be stored and recalled 

•the sheets to be saved by work area
•the sheets to be printable

•to have different access for manager (ie adding new work areas, printing the sheets etc)

•to have a custom search for the sheets, by work area and date)

there’s more, but I figure that’s enough to give a picture. 
I have a version of this already, but it was created by someone else who I no longer have contact with and the code is too complex for me to pick apart. 
I have also already created the new sheet that I want to use for this. 
Thanks in advance for any help. 


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