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Microsoft visual basic run time error 52 and I can't create the Json file for E Invoice purpose.

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The "Microsoft Visual Basic runtime error 52" typically occurs when there is a problem with file name or path. This error indicates that the file specified in your VBA code for creating the JSON file for E-Invoice purposes cannot be found.

Here are a few steps you can follow to troubleshoot and resolve this issue:

  1. Verify the file path: Double-check the file path you are using in your VBA code. Ensure that the file exists at the specified location. Make sure the file name is correct and that there are no typos or extra spaces in the path.
  2. Ensure proper file extension: Ensure that you are using the correct file extension in your code. For example, if you are creating a JSON file, the file name should end with the ".json" extension.
  3. Check for special characters: Make sure there are no special characters, such as slashes (/ \ : * ? " < > |), in the file name or path. These characters can cause issues when creating or accessing files.
  4. Consider file permissions: Check if you have the necessary permissions to create or modify files in the specified location. If you are working in a restricted environment, contact your system administrator to ensure you have the required access rights.
  5. Use full file path: Instead of relying on the current directory, consider using the full file path when specifying the file location. This ensures that the file is accessed from the correct location, regardless of the current working directory.

If these steps not helps, please provide more information. Information about your VBA Code, Excel version, operating system, storage medium, etc., additional photos or a file (without sensitive data) would be an advantage.