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Hi there,


A little help required on Cltr key error in Excel.


Everytime I press Cltr key, excel automatically puts today's date in the cell due to which I am not able to copy or paste anything with keys in Excel. Ctrl key works fine in all the other applications like  word or PowerPoint. I have tried rebooting the laptop but it's still the same.


Thanks in advance


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@NikolinoDE Thanks for your reply. I already tried that however it didn't help 

Even after changing them as text, the moment I try to copy it by using CLTR+C as soon as I press Cltr key, the date appears in the cell


Do you have any active add-ins in Excel? If so, try disabling them one by one to see if the problem goes away.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I just checked and there are no active application add-ins


Try the following:

Quit Excel completely.

Hold down the left Ctrl key when you start Excel again.

You'll be asked whether you want to start Excel in safe mode.


Answer Yes.

Does the problem still occur?

I just tried that but the issue remains the same. I am just curious, Could it have anything thing to do with the sticky keys cos I experience the problem only in Excel, it's working fine in all other programs. Only in Excel the moment I press ctrl key it's put today's date in the cell


Maybe the regional settings are wrong, otherwise I can't imagine anything else at the moment.

Change the Windows regional settings to modify the appearance of some data types


If you are already in Safe Mode (as Mr. Hans Vogelaar recommended), you could also update and/or repair Excel.


@NikolinoDE I recently moved from India to Dubai, could that have caused the issue? If so, could u advise what should be the correct regional settings. Thanks 


Click on this link for instructions for Settings.

Change the Windows regional settings to modify the appearance of some data types


for Dubei choice United Arab Emirates


After trying so many different ways when nothing worked I had to actually uninstall Microsoft office and then install office365 to be finally able to use CTRL commands in Excel.

Thank you everyone who suggested solutions