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I am wanting to be able to add conditions to my formulas. Im trying to write the formula to be able for if the cell is greater then 86 then it change to 86 in the formula but not in the cell itself. 

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With your permission, if I may recommend, provide more information.

You'll get a quicker and more accurate answer, and those who want to help don't have to invest time guessing the problem.

What I recommend: Always inform about your Excel version, operating system, storage medium/hard drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, etc.).

If possible, add a file (without sensitive data) and use this file to describe your project step by step, or add photos with the appropriate description.

Don't forget that not every Excel user has a clue about every job and that what you see he can't see.

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@Golions21 Let's say "the cell" you want to include in a formula is in A1 and its value should not exceed 86, the relevant portion of such formula would look like this:

MAX( 86, A1)


So, as an example, you could build a formula like:


=25% * MAX(86,A1)


which will calculate 25% of the value in A1 where that value is maximised at 86.