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Hello, my excel documents were accidentally cut out and I restored it, but I can’t open the file, the programs are damaged, they didn’t help what to do, thanks in advance.

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When Microsoft Excel detects a corrupted workbook upon opening, it automatically starts File Recovery mode and attempts to repair the workbook. If File Recovery mode doesn’t start, try using this manual process to recover your workbook:Repair a corrupted workbook


You can also try other methods to recover workbook data when repairing a workbook is not successful. As a preventive measure, you may want to save your workbook often and create a backup copy every time that you save it. Or you can specify that Excel automatically creates a recovery file at specific intervals. This way, you will have access to a good copy of the workbook, if the original is deleted accidentally or if it becomes corrupted.Repairing a corrupted workbook(2)


In addition, you can find various recovery programs on the Internet if this information did not help you.



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