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I would like to suggest a new feature in Excel 2019.

Please include the following info to help others answer your question:

  • Device and OS platform, -- PC/Windows 10
  • Excel product name and version number-- Microsoft Office Home and Student 2019 and version 2106
  • If I hold my cursor anywhere in excel or in any of your office tools I should get reference guide for what it is used for or there should be a learning mode in Excel which enables this feature.

    For Example: $ English(Australia), $ English(Belize), $ English(United States) in the Accounting format in Number section. Like wise in all tabs and sub tabs.

    This will be easier to understand for any Unknown user who is using your product and spending valuable amount for your product.

  • Expected result -- It should show the comments in a box and method  to achieve the result- need backend development.#Note- Is there anyone who can guide me to become a  developer without money?

  • I would love to develop.

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Hi @Microsoft_Sourabh123 


Don't get me wrong please but do you read the responses you get? A few days ago on one of your other bright ideas (here) I wrote:


this community isn't the right place to raise them

Not sure for the other Microsoft 365 products but for Excel you can raise them (after checking the idea doesn't already exists, otherwise you can UpVote it and add comments/more information) so far on Excel UserVoice


Thank you

I had gone through Excel User Voice portal and it brings me back to the techcommunity, hope you understood.
If you know well then can you show me the right algorithm to share my ideas for Microsoft Office.


I had gone through Excel User Voice portal and it brings me back to the techcommunity, hope you understood

No I did not until I clicked on Learn more


and I understand the content of that page can confuse people


On the other hand at the top of this community site:

Your community for how-to discussions and sharing best practices on Microsoft Excel. If you’re looking for technical support, please visit Microsoft Answers


So my recommendation remains the same: Check your idea doesn't already exists on UserVoice, if not raise it there, otherwise add your comment on the existing idea and UpVote it


Hope this all makes sense & Thanks again


best response confirmed by allyreckerman (Microsoft)


Actually all options are within Excel under Help


Community forwards on this resource. Here Microsoft only provides environment for the discussions. If you haver concrete questions about concrete products, other people on this forum could help to solve it.  Do not expect someone from Microsoft reads or answers on these discussions.


Excel Blog forwards on Blogs section on this resource where Microsoft mainly announced introducing of new functionality or some related to the product events.


Suggest a Feature forwards om On this resource you may suggest your idea what to improve in product. Other people could comment and vote for it.  This resource is definitely monitoring by Microsoft. Planning next period budget on product development Microsoft takes into account uservoice suggestions. More votes - more chances your idea will be included into the plan to implement. Again, don't expect someone from Microsoft will enter into direct discussion of the idea.


Why not all suggested ideas are implementing and even discussed? In general possible reasons are here Common sense solutions to simple problems – BI Polar (

I did not mention the Help tab as I wasn't sure it's exactly the same in 2016 & 2019
Do you know?

@L z. 

In 2019 there are exactly same 3 icons in Community section under the Help. Not sure about 2016.

Oki doki. Thanks Sergei
(I switched straight from 2010 to 365 so never saw the other UIs)