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I'm starting a new workbook with 8 worksheets.  Sheet 1 will be an information entry screen with many labels ranging from A1 to maybe A30.  I will enter information into B1 to maybe B30. I want many of the other worksheets to auto populate in random cell locations from the info I enter into the Sheet 1, B1......locations.  I believe in the random cells of the various Sheets an instruction is needed.  I need to know that instruction format.


thank you

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This all sounds so--oh, what's the word?--random. That's it! Random.


What you are trying to do is no doubt clear in your own mind, but hard to discern from what you've written. Maybe if you could give a bigger picture description here of what the setting is--i.e., what purpose is being served? for what kind of user or user community?--

And maybe even put together a sample workbook showing what you mean (without the formulas of course, since that's what you are seeking from us)...but what would sheet one look like actually (what's in column A, column B) and how random are the entries on the subsequent sheets? Does an entry from sheet 1 appear on only one of the subsequent sheets, on all of them, on all of them in no discernable (and therefore "random") pattern?


If this is for a game, or a test (to see how quickly subjects can find specific words)...whatever, it actually would help us help you if you provided more info. My questions are meant to elicit that more complete description; you should feel free to go beyond the questions I've asked.

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Thank you for your response. Let me state it another way. I'm going to enter a name in Sheet 1, cell A2. I want this name to automatically appear in Sheet 2, cell C10 and Sheet 4, cell D9. There is a formula or command that needs to be entered into Sheet 2,cell C10 and Sheet 4, cell D9. I did this many years ago with EXCEL but its been so long I forgot the instruction. I've tried the help section but no help
that sounds so NON random, it's hard to believe it's the same request as your original.
What you're asking is achieved most readily by entering the following formula in cell C10 of Sheet2, as well as in Sheet4, D9 -- and any other cells where you want the name in Sheet1, Cell A2 to appear.

Now, if that is really what you meant by all of the references to "in random locations in the other sheets," so be it. If it's not, since that seems too simple, please give a more complete description of the purpose being served here. What are you aiming to accomplish?