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Mon excel 2019 ne s'ouvre plus, à chaque fois cela me demande si j'autorise l'application à apporter des modifications à l'appareil. 

J'ai désinstallé et réinstallé plusieurs fois office, réparer aussi mais rien ne marche. 


Est-ce que quelqu'un aurait une solution? 

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This is the user account control (UAC), which you can also deactivate - if you want.
Just click on the Windows button and enter UAC, then you will see "Change user account control settings".
Then pull the slider down and the message no longer appears.
You can also use the control panel.

But I wouldn't recommend it.


UAC question at program start does not mean that the program actually wants to change something, but simply that it was compiled in such a way that it explicitly requests admin permissions when starting or at least "highest available". You can test that by starting it with a non-admin. If this question also comes up, then with a login dialog, then it wants admin rights. If this question does not come up, then it only requests "highest available".
This knowledge is of only limited use to you. It may be possible to turn it off with an application manifest file.
Nothing will change if you install the program "correctly" with a setup, because, as already said, it is a setting of the EXE.


Difference between “highestAvailable” and “requireAdministrator” in manifest in terms of Elevation?


Understanding and Configuring User Account



I would be happy to know if I could help.



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Merci @NikolinoDE, cela ne me demande plus d'autoriser l'application mais excel ne s'ouvre toujours pas. 


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Mettre à jour Windows 10



Réparer une application Office




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