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when I particular excel file, I am getting a green border around it. what does it mean?

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The green border you're seeing around a particular Excel file is likely an indication that the workbook contains a Sharepoint-linked table or list. This green border is a visual indicator in Excel to show that the workbook is connected to a Sharepoint data source.

When you see this green border, it means that the data in the workbook is linked to a Sharepoint list or table. This linkage allows for data synchronization between Excel and Sharepoint, meaning changes made in one place will be reflected in the other.

Here's what you can do to check and manage the Sharepoint connection:

  1. Check for Sharepoint Connection:
    • Open the Excel file.
    • Look for any tables or lists that are linked to Sharepoint. These are often used for data collaboration and sharing.
  2. Manage Connections:
    • In Excel, go to the "Data" tab on the ribbon.
    • Look for the "Connections" group.
    • Click on "Connections" to open the "Workbook Connections" window.
    • In this window, you can see a list of all connections in the workbook.
    • If you see a Sharepoint connection, you can manage or remove it from this window.
  3. Update or Remove Connection:
    • If the Sharepoint data source is still relevant, you can choose to update it by right-clicking on the connection and selecting "Refresh."
    • If the connection is no longer needed, you can select it and click "Remove."

Keep in mind that removing a connection might affect any data or functionality that relies on that connection. If you're unsure, it's a good idea to check with the person who created the workbook or the Sharepoint administrator for more information on the purpose of the connection. The text and steps were edited with the help of AI.


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Thanks for your suggestion. I tried but it did not work.

It shows there are 'no connections'. 

The green border may be due to some other reason. 

I need to figure out.





If there are no connections listed in the "Workbook Connections" window and you are still seeing a green border around the Excel file, there might be other reasons for this visual indicator. Here are a few additional possibilities and steps you can take:

  1. Excel Tables:
    • Check if there are any Excel Tables (ListObjects) in the workbook. Excel Tables can sometimes be mistaken for external data connections.
    • To check for tables, go to any cell within your data range, and if it's part of a table, you should see the "Table Tools" tabs in the ribbon.
  2. Linked Data from External Sources:
    • Check if there are any linked data or external references in your workbook. This could include formulas linked to data in other workbooks or worksheets.
  3. Conditional Formatting or Data Validation:
    • Review any conditional formatting or data validation rules applied to the workbook. Sometimes, these features can create visual indicators.
  4. Workbook Views:
    • Check if there are any custom workbook views applied. Views can store settings related to the display of the workbook.
  5. Review Named Ranges:
    • Look at any named ranges in the workbook. Named ranges might reference external data.
  6. Hidden Worksheets or Objects:
    • Check if there are hidden worksheets or objects in the workbook that might be contributing to the issue.
  7. Check for Macros or VBA Code:
    • If the workbook contains macros or VBA code, review the code to see if it includes any external references or formatting instructions.
  8. Try Opening in Safe Mode:
    • Open Excel in safe mode and see if the green border persists. Safe mode disables add-ins and other customizations that might be contributing to the issue.

If after reviewing these aspects, you still cannot identify the source of the green border, it might be a good idea to create a copy of the workbook (as a backup) and then gradually remove elements (such as tables, named ranges, etc.) to narrow down the cause.

In order to provide more help, more information is required, such as Excel version, operating system (Win., Mac, etc.), storage medium (Sharepoint, OneDrive, etc.), file extension (.xlsx, xlsm, etc.). Additionally and if possible, the file (without sensitive data) would be of great advantage.

@skeprosyscoin wrote:

when I particular excel file, I am getting a green border around it. what does it mean?

When you what a particular Excel file? Open? Select? Or something else?


Also, where exactly is the green border appearing? Around the entire Excel window? Around the file name in File Explorer? Or somewhere else?


There's a lot left to the imagination here. Please provide a screenshot of the problem, if possible, so we can all see exactly what you mean.