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I am using VLOOKUP to return the Lowest of two columns.

I thought the answer would be to try and nest a IF inside the Vlookup, but I am having difficulty.

Has anyone got any suggestions?



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@Popski6 Your intent is not clear.  Are you looking for the lower return value from the two VLOOKUPs?  The lower matching lookup value (assumes you are using an inexact match)?  The lower row number?


If one of the first two cases, try something like this:

=MIN( VLOOKUP(<criteria_for_first_search>), VLOOKUP(<criteria_for_second_search>) )
except that if one or both lookups might fail to find a matching entry, you might want to instead use something like:
=MIN( IFERROR(VLOOKUP(<criteria_for_first_search>), 9999999), IFERROR(VLOOKUP(<criteria_for_second_search>), 9999999) )
(...or substitute some other impossibly large number/alphabetic value for the 9999999)




Thanks, I've sorted it.