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Can someone help me with my pivot chart hw? 

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Great. is there an easier platform you can talk on or should i just tell you details here?



Start by reviewing some existing discussions, and note how questions and answers are presented. That should explain how to ask a question.


In the case of homework problems, beware that usually we will not provide "turnkey" solutions.  You need to do the work yourself.


In that case, you might present the homework assignment verbatim (for our benefit), but  you should also present your attempts to solve the assignment yourself.


If you are completely lost, we can offer direction.  But it is better if you ask specific Excel questions ("how to calculate `25% more` of some value") instead of "how do I implement this assignment".


Ideally, attach an Excel file by clicking "browse" at the bottom of the reply window.  If the forum does not permit that, I can suggest other ways to provide the Excel file.


But at the very least, you  should provide a screenshot in one form or another.


Again, look at how other people have presented things in other discussions here.

Here is the link to the file:

Here is the link to the instructions:

Here is the link to a hint template that my professor created:

I've been trying to do it for hours now but I'm not sure how to. I'm completely stuck on even adding a filter for years. I have reread all the instructions a dozen times and nothing is clicking. Any help/guidance is very appreciated.



Great job on pulling the files together.


Unfortunately, I cannot help you any further because I don't know anything about PTs and PCs.  Also, I wonder if you are looking for an Office 365 Excel solution.  (You should specify, if that's the case.)  I don't use Office 365 Excel.


I'll try to get the attention of one or two frequent contributors who might be able to help.


In the meantime, have you searched for youtubes that might help?


In particular, look for PT and PC youtubes by Kirt Kershaw.  I cannot speak for anything he might have prepared for PTs and PCs.  But his youtube on importing XML files was extremely helpful, clear, concise and understandable to my American English ears.


Good luck!  Sorry that I cannot be more helpful.


Have you created a pivot table based on the data yet? That shouldn't be too hard.

See for example Create a Pivot Table in Excel 

You should move the main_category field to the Columns area and to the Values area too.