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=IF(A31=TODAY(),COUNTIF('TRUST OVERVIEW'!$P$17:$P$192,"B"),"")

above is formula that works only if the A31 matches todays date, however the day after the the data result clears ( obviously because the dates no longer match ) but i want the result to stay.


I am trying to ask it to perform a task on a specific date, A31 could be next weeks date and it will stay blank until then, but when the dates match it performs the task/calculation however the next day the cells clear, how do i get it to leave the result in after the date match.

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@Chrismasters Try by changing the first part to:



Thank you so much this worked although it was < but you put me on the right track i had been racking my brain for a longtime and as soon as you replied i knew where i had gone wrong, thanks again.

@Chrismasters Glad you figured it out!