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Hello there,

I been struggling in get the formula and completing this question.

Tiana Morales is the director of the customer call center for Pierce Software. For the past three months, she has been keeping track of the support calls the center receives, and asks for your help in analyzing the data. Go to the Customer Call Log worksheet, which contains the Calls table where Tiana has been entering support call data. In the Call Type column, she needs to list the type of call corresponding to the code in the call Code column. In cell enter a formula using the HLOOKUP function to look up the call type according to the call code. Use a structured reference to look up the value the Call Code column of the Calls table. Retrieve the value in row 2 of the CallTypes table (range A3:in the Survey Questions worksheet) using a structured reference to the entire CallTypes table. Because each call type covers a range of values, find an approkimate match. Fill the formula into the range E6:E143 , if necessary .
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please upload file & fill first result as you need

@kmichael24 Perhaps something like this:


=HLOOKUP([@[Call Code]],CallTypes[#All],2,FALSE)


assuming that the cell where you enter this formula is also in a structured table. 

@Riny_van_Eekelen  only works partially, a lot of it doesnt work still unfortunately


Plug in
=HLOOKUP([@[Call Code]],CallTypes[#All],2)


Try this, it filled in everything for me....

=HLOOKUP([@[Call Code]],Call types[#All],2)

Plug in
=HLOOKUP([@[Call Code]],CallTypes[#All],2,TRUE)
This worked for me.