Excel XY Scatter plot - secondary vertical axis

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Is there a way to add a secondary vertical axis to an XY (Scatter) graph?

This would be extremely useful for plotting 2 sets of y-values (with different ranges of values) for the same set of x-values on the same graph.

You would have 1 graph with a different y-axis on the left & right side of the graph.

All the examples seem to be for Combo - Clustered Column - Line, but not the XY Scatter.

Is this possible?

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Click on the chart.

Click on the second series, or select it from the Chart Elements dropdown on the Format tab of the ribbon (under Chart Tools).

Click 'Format Selection' on the Format tab.


Select 'Secondary axis' on the 'Format Data Series' task pane.


That's all!

Example, before and after changing the axis:


Awesome! I got it to work with your help. Thanks so much!