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I have created a worksheet for the sales people. It has several different pages that refer to different systems that we sell. With in each page there are sections with a yellow header (rows where the cells have been merged) that titles what parts that section is referring to. At the bottom is a green section for labor hours, blue section for shipping and then at the bottom are the totals. 


This is what I am trying to accomplish:

I want to the Green, Blue and totals section to never change. However, above in the yellow sections, if there were no quantities entered, I'd like it to disappear when the salesperson is finished so that the review process goes a lot quicker. Currently it is cumbersome because you have to scroll thru the entire sheet to find the quantities in order to verify them. 


I know that I have seen it before, but can not replicate it. The trick is that I dont want ALL of the "zeros" quantities to disappear, just the sections to disappear that have no quantities in them. 

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