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I am looking to create a workbook with 5 tabs.  I need 4 of the tabs to be accessible to specific people only and take the information they enter and update the master tab that will also be accessible to specific people only.   


Any insight/help would be greatly appreciated


Thank you


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@AmyG57 I suggest a slightly different approach:

- Create a location for each individual

- Only grant access to that individual (and to yourself) to that location

- Save a blank (preformatted) workbook in those locations and send an email to everyone with a link to their own folder

- Create a reporting workbook which uses Data, Get Data, From File, From Folder to pull in the data

- If you save-as the file as a template, Excel will offer to remove the data, allow it to do so.

- Share the template with your colleagues. If I'm right, when your colleague refreshes the report he/she will only see his own data. If you refresh it, you should see all data.