Excel workbook remains corrupted after trying all repair options

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Ideapad Laptop/Windows 10 Home version 20H2

Microsoft® Excel® 2016 MSO (Version 2109 Build 16.0.14430.20154) 32-bit

Excel tab accidentally closed by action on another tab. Have tried all repair options I could Google. Online free repair options all seem to lead to payment requests- as a pensioner trying to avoid payments!!! - could I trouble someone who can repair for me please? I would be so grateful. Many thanks - Roger

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@RogWyer Hi. I downloaded the file (as it was an xlsX) and opened it using Data: From Text/CSV.

Copy and paste data to a new file to disconnect.

Formatted as table; Insert: Table for your convenince in managing the data.

In case your version of Excel do not like Tables, it is also attached vith the data "as a Range".



Thank you so much for your speedy response- very grateful and much appreciated. I do have one problem though probably due to my lack of skills but I tried to copy data from files you sent. When I pasted into a virgin  worksheet, whichever paste method I used, text came out concatenated in four rows. Is it me being silly? Roger

@RogWyer Hi Roger. I wrote a longer answer before but it seems lost in cyberspace so I just attach two text files that should be possible to use. Open from inside Excel or copy and paste from notepad or similar text program.

One is csv and one is tab separated text.

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Brilliant - thank you so much. To still have the data after all the time spent researching is a relief. You are so kind doing what you do to help people - thank you - Roger