Excel Workbook Error Trying To Open

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We have a excel workbook that we do our estimates for a very large steel fabricating company in. This work book is about 60mb and has various macros and things like that running in it... but here is the problem... there are times when User1 opens a workbook and inputs the data for the estimate, then User2 opens and inputs more data, and then User3 tries to open it the workbook just hangs up while trying to open and nothing we can do will fix it. The only resolution we have found is to select any random users computer from the network, open the file, then save and close it and then it will open from User3's computer. There is no particular rhyme to how many times a work book is opened or by how many people open it before it does this. Any ideas?

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So are the 3 users opening the file alternately or at the same time?

Could try saving it as a .xlsb file (assuming it's currently a .xlsm file)

Sometimes that can help with Big files.
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