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Please help me.  I have lost the top of the excel wook sheet while working with the sheet.  The sheet does not have the top functions when I try to use it.  The only way I can file, print, oe set up the sheet is to go to the three dots and the top reappears.  I think I accidently hit a function on the number group.

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Which platform are you using?

  • The desktop version of Excel for Windows
  • The desktop version of Excel for Mac
  • Excel for iOS
  • Excel for Android
  • Excel Online (in the browser)

@desk top for windows

If I were to just guess and you are using Excel on Windows...Press “ Ctrl + F1 “ on your keyboard. This keyboard shortcut toggles the Ribbon's visibility. If it is currently hidden, this should make it visible again.
Otherwise, more detailed information about the Excel version (2016, 365, etc.?) and operating system (Windows?) would be beneficial.

 Thanks.  However it didn't fix my prob;em.  I have a feeleing it is a very simple solution.  I just can't figure it out.

Using microsoft 365 on windows.


Could you post a screenshot?


Do you really see only the bottom part of the formula bar?

And is the top of your screenshot the top of the entire screen on your monitor?

This is a screen shot of just the top of the work sheet.  There is nothing above the month of Deptember.  I use Windows. @Hans Vogelaar 

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Try the following:

  • Press Alt+Spacebar, then press M.
  • The mouse pointer should change to a four-pointed cross:
  • Use the down-arrow key to move the Excel window downwards.
  • Do the formula bar and ribbon appear? If so, press Enter when they are fully visible.