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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Excel without arrows and filtres in version 2.79 iOS bug

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Hi, we have problems

version 2.79.jpg

with using excel on iOS version 2.79 (newest) and I can´t display filters on my excel reports. On version 2.76 everything was fine (tested on iPhone 12 and Ipad version iOS 17). But when comes update on 2.79 it stoped display filters with arrows and I can´t turn filters on. This problem is after export my reports and both have same error. About 100 users send me this bug with same situatuion. It is global problem. Can you repair this bug please?

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Thank you for response,


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Hi @hazda1989 


You've reached a forum (not Microsoft, even if it provides the infrastrusture re. its products) where frendly users of MSFT technos. try to help each others. In other words and in very straightforwars words nobody here can do something about the issue IF you're sure it didn't exist in previous versions/releases of the product


Assuming this is a fact you should raise it to MSFT via *:

File > More... > Account > At the top bottom right click the 'Help Improve Office?' icon > Report a problem > ...


* Depending on your product version and Operating System the Menu & option names might be slightly different

Hi Lz,

thats what they tell me in and I try to report that bug from 3 different devices and its 10 days and no answer :(

Hi @hazda1989 


I understand your frustration, though as I said nobody here can do something regarding bug fix.

I suspect (amongst the actual contributors to this forum) only a very few run Excel/iOS so not quite sure you can rely on this community to help you find a workaround, assuming one exists... (???)


Just in case you didn't try (as you said I can´t display filters on my excel reports) do you have the same experience with a new Pivot Table?

No no. We have problems after export report where are Pivot Tables ready to display to our clients. On version 2.76 iOS displays Pivot with filtres without any problem. On version 2.79 cant display anything with filters on Pivot Tables.
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In newest version is fixed and its OK now
Glad you have it working again & THANKS for updating this case
When you say "newest version", which version are you talking about?

OK, suspect Newest version means iOS 2.80.1203.0 or >, Cf. Introducing PivotTables on iPad para. Availabily




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best response confirmed by hazda1989 (Copper Contributor)
In newest version is fixed and its OK now

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