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Hi, I've been working on formulas and functions with microsoft 365 which entails the home sheet, a job sheet and a dymo print sheet. Everything was set up correctly and worked when tested, but next day when going to use the sheet, details in some columns were missing in both job sheet and dymo sheet, the most recurring was line 1 which is odd.

For example I have Xlookup for a chain length, which works in 90 per cent of the sheets but randomly some of the lines returned nothing. This occurred on 2 computers I tested to make sure that one of the programs were not bugged. Is there a problem with microsoft 365?

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Can you provide a copy of the workbook

Hi Doug,

Yes I can but these messages have no way to upload screen shot or file?

@Curtain_Trend If you open the Full Text Editor, you will see where you can attach files.

While there appear to be some formulae missing from a number of the cells in row 4 of the Job Sheet and from Row 1 of the Dymo Sheet, after re-instating the missing formulae by copying the following row up, then saving, closing the workbook and then re-opening it, the formulae all remained in place. There do not however appear to be any formulae in the Controls, Tube Diam. and Chain columns of the Job Sheet.


Hi Doug,

Thankyou for your reply, but that does not tell me how to fix my problem.

If you fixed it, can you please send it to me.


@Curtain_Trend I have attached the modified file.

Perfect, thankyou I will have a look.
Thanks again