Excel Windows Momentarily Black

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My Excel 2016 windows momentarily turn completely black for 1 to 3 seconds.

This happens with or without hardware graphics acceleration enabled, and with manual or automatic calculation. The issue occurs more often when saving or closing (and saving first) the workbook.


If a Developer (VB) window is open or a second view is opened, these Excel windows also become momentarily and simultaneously black, then return to normal. 


I am using the Windows 10 installed display drivers for my AMD R9-390 display adapter.


This issue only happens with Excel. Other applications not exhibiting the issue.

I am using Excel Office 365 Insider Edition Version 1910 build 12119.20000 but this issue has persisted for some time.

Am I the only one with this issue?

Can any one suggest a resolution?



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I have also noticed this happens far more frequently during the save of my 5MB workbook.

So I disabled the Excel Options Formulas Recalculate workbook before saving. This seems to eliminate the momentary black screen when closing or saving the workbook.