Excel will not show all records from an Access Select Query

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I am using Access and have created a simple Select Query. When I run the query in Access it shows there are 60,604 records in the query. I then created a connection from Excel to Access to import the queried data into Excel. However, in Excel it only loads 60,446 records, dropping 156 records. There are no filters.


Any advice on what is going on in Excel?




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Hello @mike1899 


Any advice on what is going on in Excel? Nope :((


In Access the following basic query - named Qry_Orders_Since_2019 on LargeTable (2M records):


returns 533068 records


A Power Query that queries Access Qry_Orders_Since_2019:


returns 533068 records to Excel


A Power Query that queries Access LargeTable and Filters it on [Order_Date] > 31/12/2018:


returns 533068 records in Excel


If you share your simple Select Query maybe someone will have an idea...