Excel will not scroll vertically if sheet has ever had frozen panes

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I'm unable to scroll vertically on any worksheet that has or has had frozen panes.

If a spreadsheet has never had a frozen pane, it scrolls like normal.

This happened to me a few months back, and the only fix was to uninstall Office 365 and reinstall.


  • I thought it could be the mouse, but I've tried multiple and none of them will work.
  • I thought it could be the workbook, but it's happening in ALL workbooks that have frozen panes.
    • Additionally, one of the files is on a shared drive in my office. When this originally happened a few months back, the shared file was working fine and scrolling fine for everyone except for me.
    • A few weeks back, one of my staff was complaining that our shared file would not scroll for her. But when she would go to a sheet within that workbook that never had frozen panes, it would scroll just fine. At that point, she was only one having the problem.
  • Now the problem is back for me. I'm unable to scroll on any worksheet that has or has had a frozen pane. I can scroll fine on worksheets that have never had one. This is every workbook on every sheet that has ever had a frozen pane.

I'd also like to note that my horizontal scroll wheel on my MX Master 3 is working on all sheets. It's only the vertical scroll that isn't working, and it's that way for any mouse I try using.


Lastly, I'd like to note that the sheets will vertically scroll on Excel online.

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@AaronMinchew I am having the same issue too. following to see if you get a solution.