Excel Web "Couldn't open workbook" and file corruption

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I have an Excel workbook that I upload to a sharepoint site weekly.   It has a Pie chart and a 3D Bar chart on the first tab, from data in the 2nd tab.   The file is fine using desktop Excel Version 2110. 


If I copy it to sharepoint (Microsoft 365), then open it with Web Excel.  The file seems to open fine, but the charts don't show correctly.  If I close my browser tab, then a new version gets saved in Sharepoint.  When I try to open the file again, I get a message that says "Couldn't Open the Workbook". 


The file is then corrupt and won't open on the desktop either.   I can revert to version 1.0 and it works fine, until I save again.  It seems like the Web version of Excel is having an issue reading the charts and then corrupting the spreadsheet.  If I remove these two charts the files works fine.    If I re-create these 2 charts from scratch, the file doesn't work again when opened using Web Excel.


I've been doing this every week for the last 6 months and this just started happening recently.   I tried different sharepoint folders.  I also tried using older spreadsheets that worked in the past.  I tried opening the file using repair option, but nothing is found.


The only thing I can figure is:

-Web sharepoint in MS 365 was updated and something broke

-Excel changed recently, and is causing a problem


Any ideas on things to try?


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@mogulman We have the same issue. We are working with MS right now in a ticket. What's happening for us is when trying to Open a Group Form's Excel file in OneDrive it errors out, and when trying to open the synced Excel file it also fails to open with the "Couldn't open workbook" and file corruption error. This is ALL our MS Forms excel sheets.

Plus, now SP admin center isn't there, and the SP App link doesn't work.

I think there is some thing wrong with the connection between the tenant apps and SharePoint. 

If I get a fix, I'll post it here...but maybe it's a bigger issue.

For us this started happening during the SSO issue, but maybe that's just a coincidence.

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I actually fixed this myself.  I did the Info/Inspect Workbook option.  Something got fixed when I did this.  Not sure what.


Some of my charts still don't show up correctly on the web part, but at least it loads and doesn't get corrupted.

ours ended up being a Microsoft issue that they resolved.