Excel was removed from my Desktop

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Can you please assist me to have excel reinstall to my desktop? All the other Microsoft items work but Excel is not there.

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Perhaps you remove the shortcut, not Excel itself. You may check by Win+R, type excel, Enter. 

In general to repair Office open in Windows settings Apps & Features, find office (name depends on your subscription, e.g. Microsoft 365 Apps), click Modify and follow instructions.


If you are not on Windows it shall be similar.

Thanks but its completely not there. Admittedly I was being warned by Microsoft, but I had issues signing in and recovering my email. The subscription was cancelled.
I tried purchase another via another outlook account, see a transaction going thru my account but no records in my outlook email that I have used. Not sure what to do now, don't want to purchase and them the same problem arise.
Words, power point and the rest are there except excel they all work well with the online version.


Online version is free, just have limited functionality.