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Excel want to have sequential numbers in a column

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creating a list of duties for several friends. The duties occur on each Saturday (bring the drinks after golf), so I want to create a list of dates occurring on each Saturday down the first column in the spreadsheet. I see how to do it for daily date "spreads". How to do it for weekly each seventh day? Thanks.

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There are fancy ways to do this--to specify the 7th day of the week--but this also seems like a case for simplicity.


Enter the first Saturday of the year into cell A2 manually. E.g., 1/6/2024  Then in the next cell, =A2+7 and copy that formula down till time ends. It will continue to come up with all Saturdays.


You can use SEQUENCE to produce an array of dates:

    start, DATE(2023, 12, 16),
    step, 7,
    dates, 52,
    SEQUENCE(dates, , start, step)

This example produces 52 dates but you can adjust it and the start date as needed.