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I have a worksheet that keeps track of labor.  When we take a new job, labor gets added to it, and when we complete portions of the labor, or ship a completed job, the labor comes off.  What I'd like to do is keep track of labor as it happens.  We run into a problem when we ship lets say a job that has 10 hours of labor on it, and then take on a job that has 10 hours of labor on it in the same day.  The number changes, but changes back to the original amount, so we don't know how efficient jobs are moving through production.  I'd like to record any increase changes to that number in one cell, and any decreases to that number in a different cell.  For a twist, I want those changes to change throughout the week, as long as TODAY()'s date is before a date I have listed in another cell.  Does this make sense?  I'd rather not post the worksheet to the forum, but will send it to someone directly.


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