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I have Excel 360

How to instal Developer to get into Macros and VBA.


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Show the Developer tab

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The Developer tab isn't displayed by default, but you can add it to the ribbon.

  1. On the File tab, go to Options > Customize Ribbon.

  2. Under Customize the Ribbon and under Main Tabs, select the Developer check box.

After you show the tab, the Developer tab stays visible, unless you clear the check box or have to reinstall a Microsoft Office program.

The Developer tab is the place to go when you want to do or use the following:

  • Write macros.

  • Run macros that you previously recorded.

  • Use XML commands.

  • Use ActiveX controls.

  • Create applications to use with Microsoft Office programs.

  • Use form controls in Microsoft Excel.

  • Work with the ShapeSheet in Microsoft Visio.

  • Create new shapes and stencils in Microsoft Visio.


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