Excel VBA to import data from Excel to Sharepoint Approval

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Getting ready to start a project where I need to upload data from an Excel sheet into a Sharepoint site that has a custom Approval Form. I have a few ideas on how I might do it but with Excel, Sharepoint and Approvals App changing what seems to be on a daily basis. I would like to hear a few ideas from any one else who might have the time to share. The user will enter data into an Excel workbook and upon pressing the Macro Button named, Save & Submit, it will open the sharepoint site page, create a new approval using the custom approval form. I want it to populate matching data from the Excel file into the Approval request and then show the approval form for the user to review before sending. The user will be responsible of selecting the approvers that data will not come from Excel. I have never used VBA to open a Sharepoint Site page, input matching data, and leave form open before. Not even sure if this is even an option. As for matching input data it is as simple as Excel has a Cell that always holds First Name, Last Name, Category, Effective Date, Etc... Which match the fields in the Sharepoint Approval. The ideas I have for doing this, I feel are more complicated then I think it may need to be. Which is why I humbly ask for any input any one may have time to share. Oh, I am using MS 365 Enterprise version.

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@heylookitsme I would advise you to look into the options that Powerautomate have to offer. VBA is not the best tool for this job I'm afraid. 

It is looking that way. I have setup several PA processes so I am pretty familiar with it. Do you or anyone here know how to create a new approval but not submit it?
Why you ask, because I want it to populate some data into the approval form automatically
and leave it open and in view for the user to review, add the approvers and then the user selects submit. The approval form has a lot of data entries that the user has already done in an Excel sheet. I am preventing them from having to enter the data twice.
Perhaps this article gives some pointers? Not sure, I know nothing about approvals
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Hopefully this one comes through?