Excel VBA Runtime Error 1004 on every Paste

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I have a macro used on multiple computers. One of the computers cannot run the macro at all. If there is a PASTE of any kind (and it really doesn't matter how I try to do it), Excel throws a runtime error 1004 We couldn't paste the data because it took too long. Try reducing the size of the selection. I cannot tell you the number of iterations and ways to paste that I have tried... but no joy. I even tried adding a 5 second pause before the PASTE in case the program needed to catch up but still the error. But... if I add a MsgBox just before the PASTE, it works. I have been checking settings and everything I can think of but there is nothing that stands out. If I make a change of any kind to the Options, the macro will run... once but then we are right back where we started from. We have done repairs and deep repairs and nada. Does an

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Which macro?
please insert.
What is the digital environment?
Excel version, operating system, storage medium,etc.
What exact message appears on the monitor?
please insert as picture.
What extension does the file always have?

...these are some of the reasons that nobody has been able to propose a solution so far. I can well imagine how annoying it can be when the problem is acute, but please keep in mind that no solution can be proposed without more detailed information.

"Run-time Error 1004" when you make changes to legend entries in a chart in Excel



Thank you for your understanding and patience



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