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I'm trying to open an excel 97-2003 File with Vba and get the following error:


Could you help me solve this problem? How to download the VBA converter pack?


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Are you unable to download the converter fomr the link you provided?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

"The VBA Converter Pack is not included as a part of the Microsoft Office suites. At the top of this article, click View and request hotfix downloads"


I cant see this option. Am i wrong?

I see. I went to this link in the same article: the file is available for download, but was blocked by my Windows smartscreen filter.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Ok, but this is not the VBA Converter Pack.

Any other ideas how to open the file?

Look for someone who still has the Office 97 CD?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

I can't believe that this is the only option :D. **bleep**..

@Patrick2506 So... I ran into this same issue today... and after much Googling, and hitting a brick wall with the Microsoft Support's webchat operative that I chatted to, you may be interested to review the files available here: