excel vba arrays filling one dim array with 2dim array

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 I have 6300 rows and I want to search in this data with multiple criteria Is it possible arrays help me in this work . if i Filling a 2-dimensional array with a one-dimensional array or make multiple dim array aadd.jpgghj.jpg

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Please try to explain as clearly as you can what you want.

Excuse me, can you explain to me this sentence in this link?

(" The practical way storing the data is to have a 1D array filled with 2D arrays. This will allow you to use standard techniques to work with thee data.")

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While VBA can easily handle three-dimensional (and higher) arrays, Excel cannot store them directly: a worksheet is a two-dimensiona array of rows and columns.

The reply on Stack Overflow proposes to create a one-dimensional array - think something like {item1, item2, item3, ...} in which each item is a two-dimensional array. So item1 would be an array of rows and columns, item2 would be another array of rows and columns, etc.

Each of these items can be stored on a worksheet.


But I don't see how this relates to the question in the first post.

Thank you for the answer, you are a great person,Yes, I understood the meaning and now the idea that ran through my head when I read this article is it possible to use 3D and higher arrays if i want to search with more than one condition and take advantage of the speed of arrays and this is the reason behind this post How do I actually use that if my idea is correct


I'm afraid I don't understand what you want to do. Could you try to explain that clearly and in detail?

Thank you for your reply. I am really appreciate it,I want to get the most out of studying arrays, I learned from studying arrays and loops how to search for something in an array and I want to apply this if I'm searching for more than one condition in big data. I want to know is it possible to use 3D and higher arrays if I want to search with more than one condition to gain more benefit from the speed of arrays.