Excel - Values from cell group on sheet one to sheet 2 even after sorting

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I know it is possible to take a group of cells on sheet 1 (say cells c1-c5) and put them on sheet 2? My question is is there a way for the original value of the cells on sheet 1 to stay on sheet 2 even after updating and sorting the columns in sheet 1?

my example would be if you have cells like: 


ID number, last name, first name, date….in cells c1-c4 on sheet 1 and you want all 4 cells to be on sheet 2 as well. But if you have a list of these things in sheet 1 and you change the date on cell c-4 and then sort it and now the value originally in c1-c4 is now in h1-h4 on sheet 1, can the original value still be shown in the same place on sheet 2 with the new date given to the original c1-c4?

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