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I'm running Excel on a Mac (macOS Monterey, ver 12.5).  I'm adding checkboxes to my spreadsheet but cannot find a way to adjust the size of the checkbox itself.  The Move and size with cells is grayed out (Format Object/Properties/Move

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@JTJeT2 Right-click (or two-finger-click on the touch pad) on the checkbox. That will display the handles to adjust the size with.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 07.15.35.png

I guess that once you have set the size of the box, you may want it to move with cells or anchor it in a fixed location on the sheet, but you wouldn't want the box to change shape/size when you re-size or insert rows/columns. That's why "move and size" is greyed out.

There was a time in the distant past where you could format checkbox and other controls for font, color, shading, etc. Microsoft decided to simplify the controls years ago.

You can make your own checkbox control using a shape and use VBA to set a font to a check box when the shape is clicked. It's a little more work, but you get to fully format the shape and even the checkmark.

Thank you@Riny_van_Eekelen - I tried the right click and then adjusting by the grab handles.  This adjusts the size of the box and whatever text is in the box.  But it doesn't adjust the size of the checkbox itself.  I was trying to change the size of the checkbox only because the checkmark is so small it's hard to see.  A colleague suggested I use Google Sheets so I'll try that instead.  

Thank you @JimGMac. I forgot how difficult it is to use Microsoft products...I got so used to Keynote and Numbers that when I jump back to Excel, & Powerpoint, it's like going backwards 15years.


Hi again,

Changing font size and characteristics is pretty much the same across the board. If you use a font character you can control its size and color very easily.


You can probably use a cell formula or conditional formatting to turn the check box on or off. You probably don't need a macro at all.