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Hey! It's my first discussion in this forum.


I am working on Excel, with lots of developers stuff in it.


I am looking for ways where I can send updates for the excel file that I have sent to people.


No, I don't want to send over the excel file all over again, but send over a file/excel file that could extract the user details in the user's existing file and shall update features/bugs from the sent file/excel file.

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It is difficult to advise on such a broad question. But let me try anyway.

Your intention is to send people a file which will update their existing workbook to the latest "version", correct?
Ideally, that "Updater tool" would contain a table with all changes to the file and some VBA code which can read that table and act accordingly.

The code in the updater tool should also include some test to determine of the file the user tries to update is sufficiently up to date so that the script is expected to work. Suppose there are 3 existing versions and you now send out the update to version 4. Your code must verify that the workbook the user tries to update is a version 3 file, otherwise your update may fail.

You're 99% right, the one thing that I need different is, despite whatever the old version is (1, 2, 3,), if it's lesser than 4, then the updation for version 4 has to take place.
Have you tried to set anything up yet?
Not exactly, but I used MS Access as database and was able to paste the updated file (example version 4.4) into the users' exisiting (older version file) folder and then opening it.

But this defies the whole purpose of making a patch file/update file. This is just like copy paste stuff from the users' end but I'm doing their job.
I'm confused, you started your post with mentioning an Excel file, now you are talking about an Access database?
How will you send an updated excel file (version 4 per se)? Either you share it via email or through external drives or if you have a shared drive you can take use of it, right? So I used MS Access to post the path of version 4 which is in the shared drive, and had a VBA module to pick the version 4 from the path which is mentioned in the Ms Access and copy paste The Excel file version 4.

I guess it's clear now...