excel unable to email/share

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When trying to share in excel it gets stuck in this loading screen and doesn't load (been sitting like this for over 10min). I have tried updating my excel and Microsoft office, restarting computer all  to no avail. 




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@JMCE84   Same for my whole company started around 8am eastern time unable to share from within all apps as well file explorer using one drive.

@JMCE84 I believe this is a problem for Microsoft to fix, but you can work around it.


If this file is stored in SharePoint or OneDrive and you're sharing it with colleagues, then you can go to File > Info > and click Copy Path.  Then send the path (link) to them.


Otherwise you can go to OneDrive or SharePoint and find the file.  Then you can share from there.


Another option is to go to the quick access toolbar, and add the "Email" option. This will open a new email with the document as an attachment that can be emailed.

Just tried again to see if I can get it to work and I got this error message:

Make sure to send feedback to Microsoft about this from within Excel. Go to Help > Feedback. For the best chance of them noticing, make sure to include a screen shot and your email. It's also a good idea to mention things like "since yesterday", or "since the last update", because this let's them know it could be a new problem, which draw more attention that old problems.



The issue looks to be resolved for us now, i have asked MS for a root cause, doubt i'll receive a response for that.