Excel to PDF images not included

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I am experiencing an issue when I PDF an excel file that my images, within the table, are not showing up. My links are also not working anymore. All of this started with the last adobe and excel updates which hit at the same time for me.


I found the link below on the Adobe forums. It seems to be pointing to Excel as the culprit. Anyone have a solution for this? 



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Please make sure that the Print object CheckBox is checked for the image which is missing in the pdf file.

To do so, right click the picture and click on Size and Properties and check the CheckBox next to Print object option under the Properties.


Thank you for your reply.


Every image already has this box checked. No change to the issue. 

@Jeremiah_ click on "File", "Save As", pick a location, put a new name, select "Save as Type" and change it to "PDF", then click on "options" and mark the checkbox "Ignore print areas", click "Ok" and "Save".


There you go. Greetings.