Excel to pdf conversion without user intervention

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I have a folder with subfolders in it. Each folder will have some Excel files coming into it whenever user generates Excel reports. I want to convert these Excel reports into pdf files automatically. Any one of the following will work:

1. Generate pdf automatically whenever a new Excel file is generated or added into a folder OR

2. Generate pdf files for all Excel files at a set time once in a day.


Request experts to guide how this can be achieved. Thank you in advance.




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Because you don't describe exactly what you want.
Specific area in the worksheet,
Single worksheet in PDF,
Certain worksheets in the workbook,
Whole workbook in PDF.

Here is a Link of what I once found on the Internet.

Saving a Range of data as a PDF with a button in excel


There are many ways to find a solution, that is the magic of Excel. It depends on what you need the solution for.


I would be happy to know if I could help.



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Thanks for the reply. I have one folder where system will automatically generate some Excel files with unique file names. These reports will have only one sheet in it. When system generates Excel reports, we want to generate same report in pdf format as well. Over the years thousands of reports will accumulate in this folder. How can we do this? Thanks.


I'd ask Power Automate or PowerShell people, that's more question for them.





This Link can give you more help as i can do.