Excel Timesheet Template for Nonprofit

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I'm looking for a timesheet template for the small (but rapidly growing!) neighborhood nonprofit that I work for.  Our current timesheet lacks the detailed breakdown of time spent that we're really looking for.


Ideally this timesheet would be able to organize daily hours by project or class (so that the total hours spent working in that project could be tallied at the end of the pay period) but also by sub-project/class.  Say, one class is "Admin" and a sub-project of Admin would be "Website updates."


At the end of the pay period all the time spent on Admin sub-projects would be tallied up as a total in a bucket under "Admin" but someone reviewing the timesheet would be able to see the individual time spent on those sub-projects in the day-to-day.


What would be the most effective way to do this in Excel?

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In general I'd say you'd be best off by designing your own, or (maybe more realistically) working with someone who could spend time with you getting more details on 

  • Input process (who does it, how often, how many categories of projects & sub-projects, what details collected, etc)
  • Output(s) required
  • Intermediary steps, processes


It's probably not a difficult project. But you'd need to specify quite a bit more in the way of details. It's entirely possible that if you collected data on each employee/volunteer on a daily basis, how they spent their time, that a Pivot Table could be used to produce that summary per pay period.


Who (what organization) manages your payroll now? Does that organization have resources that could help?