Excel text only table/chart and automated refresh

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Wondering if there is any suggestion to achieve the below:


1. Currently I am putting together a dash board like one example of the below

2. There is a background photo

3. Each module has an "Object - Shape" above the background photo with transparent colour

4. Each module has a chart that shows the analysis, data is linked to pivot table



1. All the table with quantitative data are all fine. Chart linked to pivot table in another tab and pivot just needs refresh when someone updated underlying data.

2. However there is one table with only text and, the current approach is, I created a classic pivot to replicate same format as the underlying text table. The copy and paste into image to include in the below dashboard.

3. Reason been - I cant link cell within this dashboard to the underlying table because these transparent shapes are above cells and will cover text


End goal

Wondering what's the best approach to create a "text only" table and place within one of these modules within the dashboard where table is linked to another table in another tab where people update that table and this dashboard will get refreshed.


Screenshot 2021-08-08 090900.png


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Hi @starxin 


Create the following text chart by using No Code Data Visualization add-in. Chart refresh while data update. Hope it would help you. 


You can check here for Microsoft Excel & Office 365.


And if you are comfortable with Google Sheets, you can find here.