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In our company we have created our own inhouse Excel style. I've made this into a template by merging the style with a new workbook and saved this as a .xtlx file. 


I've saved this in all the XLSTART folders I could find, but also in the custom template folder. This should be enough to be able to start up Excel and see all the cellstyles we have created. Unfortunately this doesn't work. When I open a new worksheet, the styles are not visible. I've troubleshooted with Copilot, and tried all it suggested, but nothing worked. I've restarted Excel and my computer, but that doesn't change anything. 


What am I doing wrong?

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The default template in XLSTART must be named Book.xltx - it won't work if you give it a different name.

(The name is language-dependent, though. In Spanish, for example, it should be Libro.xltx)

Unfortunatly, that is not the problem. I've tried to name ik Book and Boek (as the software I have is in Dutch), but neither has worked.

@Amberpxlence In the Dutch version of Excel, the template should indeed be named Boek.xltx, and it should be stored in %appdata%\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART. This folder should not contain other workbooks and templates, unless you want to open those each time you start Excel.

Excel should use this template:

  • When you start Excel.
  • When you press Ctrl+N to create a new workbook.
  • When you click New on the Quick Access Toolbar (if you have a New button there).
Unfortunately the correct file with the correct name already was in that folder. I've deleted it, tried again in Dutch and English. I've both just saved it as a .xltx file and named it 'Boek.xltx' while it was saved as a .xltx file. Also in both English and Dutch. Still Excel is only starting up with it's built in styles...


I'm really sorry, but I cannot explain that.

That's okay, thank you for trying!