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Hi Team,


I have created a shift calendar from an excell template. With this template, when i introduce the data for the year 2022, automatically the information is replicated in the following years. I would like introduce diferent shifts in difererents year, is it possible? how can i modify the template in order to be able have independ data for each year.



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You choose this template because it fitted your needs. But now your requirements changed.

Your options are to ask the author to provide the changes or to understand the working of the template and make the changes yourself.

But then you have to ask yourself if it would be better to build your own version from scratch.


A simple workaround could be to restrict the workbook to the year 2022 and make copies for every new year with the different shifts.

Thanks for your reply@Detlef Lewin , but my intention was to be able to modify the current template precisely without having to create a new file.