Excel template not working as I want.

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Hello, this is my first time on an excel discussion.

I have created an x-y scatter plot and saved it as a template. When I try to create the same plot from the template with the same data, it plots Y-data on the X-cell sequence number, not on the value in the cell as I need it to. I have formatted the X value cells as 'Number' (except for the label which is at the top of the x column) as I have read that any non-numeric values in the X data will cause my issue. The X values show as cell sequence number (1,2, .... 20) on the right side of the edit window in 'Select Data', but the edit button is grayed out. The X-range is blank on the left side of the window and I can manually select the data range but I would have to do this for 5 data series every time I want a new chart. 

The series colors, line types, primary and secondary axis associations and legend and other formatting all work as I want.

Any help with this issue would be really appreciated.


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