Excel Task Tracking Counting

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I want to make a cell count the number of "YES" in one range but if another range says "YES" I want that cell to no longer count the "YES" in the first range. So when person A has "YES" under their accomplished task the count goes to person B and removes from Person A. In this case person B can not accomplish their task until Person A accomplishes theirs first.

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Do you mean, for A, if A "YES", B Blank, count in but if A "YES", B "YES", not count in?
If I am right, I suggest
Count Yes of A = Total Yes of A - Total Yes of B
Count Yes of B = Total Yes of B
If "YES“ of A in Column D and "Yes of B in Column F
Count Yes of A ==COUNTIF(D:D,"YES")-COUNTIF(F:F,"YES")
Count Yes of B = COUNTIF(F:F,"YES")

Count Yes of A = SUMPRODUCT((D:D="YES")-(F:F="YES"))

@Benny_1857 That was the one! Thanks a million!