Excel tabs not showing up

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I have 3 different excel tabs on a spreadsheet but only one tab shows up with not all the relevant information and the other two tabs disappeared. 

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Hi @pkandreg,


you probably have hidden the other sheets. To make them visible again, just do a right-click on the visible tab and choose "Unhide":


Then you get a list of all the hidden sheets, where you can select the ones that you want to unhide:




Hi @Martin_Weiss,


Thanks for your message and help. I forgot to mention this, but I did all the work on a csv file and saved as a csv and I think that is the major reason for the disappearance of tabs. I did try the unhide process, but no luck. So, any idea on how to get all the tabs when I saved the spreadsheet as csv? I did email other person after I have did this 6 hours of work, but the saved file do not show all tabs, either the sent email has all the tabs.

@pkandreg You can't. Saving a file as CSV reduces it to one sheet of plain text. You thus need to save it as an xlsx file if you wan to retain any added sheets and formulae.

Yes, I understood that after looking at what is that went wrong, I forgot to save it as .xls in a hurry and lost all the work. Thanks for your reply.