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I created two tables side by side one has seven columns and the other has two columns (this way I could have one table style colored and the other clear). Using either the filters or slicers (I don't know why this works but) I get the same results with all nine columns as one table or two tables one table with seven columns and the other table with two columns. What I need now is a way to use the keyboard and not the mouse to expand the second table to match the first since the first table is the one that I am adding data to the bottom of.

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@dlambott I wouldn't recommend splitting the table in two, for reasons you described in your question. Why not have all in one table without formatting. Then use conditional formatting to create (as an example) banded rows for the first 7 columns. Something like in the picture below.

Screenshot 2022-03-07 at 07.10.30.png

The CF rule used here is:


 and applied to $A$2:$G$8


Add new rows at the bottom and the CF will expand with it. I have attached the file used for screenshot.


Thank you. I will try it.
It works but unfortunately when I filter the table the banded rows do not stay banded which is what they do with a regular table.

@dlambott True. Personally, I'm not fond of using many colours in a spreadsheet. And especially not within tables that contain related data. Why would you put the data in the same table to begin with. But, as said, that's just a personal preference and I can't think of another solution.