Excel table mirroring both ways

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I've been trying to figure out how to mirror table both ways.


In example I have sheet1 and sheet2, both have tables.

If I add something to sheet1!table it is mirrored to sheet2!table and vice versa.

Also If I change the value of something that is mirrored the value also changes in the original table.


I've seen people mirror it one way but never both ways..

So I don't even really know if something like that works..


The reason I wanted to do this is because I want to manage some stuff but the list is kinda long and it is hard to find things that are activated or deactived for example.

And by doing this I would have a sheet called signed and I could view and edit data on that sheet and it would be changed on the original sheet too


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In general, the "flow" of data is in one direction. There's the raw or input data, and then the processed or output data. It's a LOT easier to retain integrity of the data by managing it in only one place; said another way, it's a lot more likely that data will get messed up if we're managing it in multiple points in the process of acquiring, storing, using, updating. I'm trying to picture circumstances where that would change, in particular what it is that you're facing that would make it desirable to go two ways.


Is it not possible, for example, to use the filtering ability on what you're calling the "original" table, to isolate the row or rows needing adjustment, and do the editing there. Then just have an output sheet (sometimes called a "dashboard") that retrieves the portions of the whole (from "original") that you want to review?

You are right now that I think about it, it would be kind of a mess to do it in both ways.
I guess I'll have to use the filter option like you mentioned, it is probably the best way to go.
Thank you for the fast reply.